NFC Business Cards VS. Paper Business Cards

Comparing NFC business cards vs. traditional paper business cards shows that NFC business cards are a smarter, more sustainable, and logical alternative to the traditional paper business cards in the increasingly contactless and Eco-conscious Era we live in, as well as cost-saving.


NFC Business Cards  Paper Business Cards
One NFC card is all you need. Always need to carry a pack of business cards with you.
It’s always on you, so you never run out of business cards. “Sorry, I ran out of business cards”
Instant upload of information on the phone in just a tap. Information on the card needs to be typed in or scanned or photographed.
Cost effective. One-off purchase. No extra costs.
Printing and reprinting business cards by batches of 200 quickly gets expensive.
New staff can start networking immediately. New staff usually needs to wait (sometimes weeks) for new business cards to be ready
Eco-friendly and sustainable way to present yourself and your business Millions of trees are cut each year, billions of paper cards are printed, and in the end, 88% are simply thrown away within a week to end up in a landfill.
Ideal for entrepreneurs and people working for many companies Anyone working for multiple companies usually needs one business card for each of their companies


The comparison speaks for itself. Choose a contactless NFC business card for you and your team, and elevate your networking game. You will enjoy standing out and making a memorable first impression while pitching, selling and socializing.