What are BLK CARDS?

BLK CARDS are black digital business cards with integrated NFC . The cards allow you to write and rewrite direct links to anything you want (your YouTube channel, your Website, your Whatsapp, your vCard, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn etc...). No need to signup to anything, no profile page to create, your data is not stored anywhere, and the exact URLs are shared (no servicing platform in the middle).

Pick and choose, depending on the situation (business, social, private) what you want to share with a new person you just met. That link will then open instantly and automatically on their phone in just one tap! We call it "NFC on Demand".

  • No signup, no profile to create, no data to share, complete freedom.

    You can write any link you want inside your NFC card and change the link as often as you want to suit the situation. The link opens directly when you touch your card with any NFC-enabled phone.

  • Best value customisable NFC cards in the market, period.

    You can customise your BLK cards with your name, your logo, or whatever represents your brand, even a hashtag or social media handle...Make it your own at the best price in the market.

  • Works on all Android and iOS phones and tablets.

    When you touch your BLK card on any NFC-enabled phones or tablets (long list of Android and IOS devices), the link inside will open instantly. No apps is needed to read your card.

"You can have it in any color you want as long as it's black"


NFC Cards Explained

Stand out and make a memorable first impression while pitching, selling and socializing

You can make your own NFC Digital Business Card and write your contact vCard or any URL you want inside your NFC card. It only takes a few seconds with our FREE mobile App "BLK CARDS" available for Android and iOS App stores.

Make your own NFC Digital Business Card
  • WhatsApp

    Start chatting on WhatsApp without the hassle of having to create a contact first by using the wa.me/XXXXXXX links. A fast and convenient way to start a Whatsapp chat.

  • Linktree, Hootsuite, Linkin.bio

    If you have a profile or a bio on any of the popular sites such as linktree, then simply put the link to your profile in your card, so you can share it instantly in real life.

  • Social Media (@you or #yourstuff)

    Share links to any Social Media profiles, or specific posts or hashtag pages. Anything that has a link can be used in your BLK card, Instagram, facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc...

  • Any Websites you want!

    The rule of thumb here is that you can write ANY LINKS you want on your BLK card. If it starts with http:// or https:// it will work and open instantly in all browsers on any NFC-enabled phones (both Android and IOS).

  • LinkedIn profile

    Want to share your LinkedIn with someone you just met at a business gathering? Maybe impress them a bit too. Easy! Just take your elegant customised BLK card out of your wallet and get them to tap it with their phone. Your LinkedIn profile will open instantly.

  • Videos & Channels

    You can now share links to your videos or channels on YouTube, Vimeo etc...with people you meet in real life in just one tap on your BLK card. Links to videos are usually in formats hard to memorise such as https://youtu.be/S8PjE2rwPVE so by using BLK cards you make the sharing of these links very easy. Grow that subscribers list!

  • NFTs & Collections

    NFT is the big hype of the moment and everyone is getting involved. But sometimes you want to show that NFT you just bought with people you meet in real life over a drink. You can use BLK cards to write the link to your collection of NFTs on OpenSea or to one in particular. Your NFT will open on their phone, so that button "Make an Offer" is right there at their fingertips.

  • Music, playlists, podcasts...

    As a Musician or a DJ, you often meet people at parties, concerts, bars, clubs, events... and when you want to show them your work, you usually show them your work on your phone. Well you can now share the links to your music (songs, Albums, Playlists) on Spotify, Soundcloud etc... when they meet new people in real life.

BLK CARDS NFC Digital Business Cards and Free Mobile App

Carry your digital life in your wallet

BLK CARDS are NFC cards that allow you to directly write and rewrite any link you want inside your card. using the free mobile app you can create a list of unlimited links (your website, your vCard, your Instagram, your Whatsapp, your Youtube channel, Linkedin etc...) and then share just the part of your digital file that you want to share when you meet new people in real life (business, social, private etc...). It is "NFC on demand".

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BLK CARDS NFC Digital Business Cards and Free Mobile App

Forget Digital "Business" Cards, this is a Digital "Life" Card

Because life is not only about business and sometimes you want to share non-business related things too, your hobbies, your portfolio, or simply the video of the latest short film you made. BLK cards give you the freedom to write whatever you want inside your NFC card. It takes seconds, so you can share what you need, when you need and be in control.

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Free Mobile App for Android & iOS

To get started and write any URLs you want on your NFC card, just download our free mobile App available for Google Play (for Android) and Apple App store (for iOS). Search for "BLK CARDS".

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BLK CARDS Customized NFC Digital Business Cards and Free Mobile App for Android and iOS

Customise your NFC card

Own a customised BLK card with your brand, logo or name printed in elegant black or gold and enhance your NFC experience, by making it your own!

BLK cards are the Best Value Customisable NFC Cards in the market.

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