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NFC Business Card - Natural Wood (customized with name OR logo)

Eco-friendly contactless digital NFC business cards with integrated NFC (NXP chip ntag216) made with sustainable wood and customized with your name OR your logo engraved.

Here is why it matters:

  • 27 million paper business cards are printed every day
  • 7 million trees are cut each year for that
  • 88% of paper business cards are thrown away in less than a week

Let's save the planet one business card at a time!

Get the wooden NFC card customized with your logo, and be sure to stand out and make a memorable first impression while pitching, selling and socializing.

NFC digital business cards are changing the way people connect and share digital information with new people they meet in real life. Unlike other digital business cards, you don't need to signup to anything or create any profile. You can directly write and rewrite ANY link you want inside your card.

IMPORTANT: Before uploading your logo file, please read this page first.

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Standard credit card size (85mm x 55mm)

NFC type: ntag216 with 984byte capacity by NXP

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