Usage Examples

BLK cards are NFC cards used by actors, photographers, musicians, dancers, business people, YouTubers, podcasters, influencers, anyone with a website, anyone with good social media activity, but also store owners, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and the list goes on and on and on...The sky really is the limit. 

Here are some examples of how our NFC cards are being used.

Get inspired, or make your own usecase.

Contact (vCard)

7 million trees get cut every year to produce business cards that are printed at a staggering rate of 27 million cards a day, and 88% of them are discarded in less than a week. What a waste! It's time for a smarter and more sustainable way with NFC Digital Business Cards. Use the free "BLK CARDS" App for Android & iOS to create your contact (vCard) with your name, phone numbers, emails, company, job title, website etc... When you meet someone new, just tap your NFC card on their smartphone, and your contact will open instantly and automatically in their phone.

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When you meet someone and they want to add you on WhatsApp, they need to create a contact first before they can start chatting with you. It is not really convenient, so Whatsapp created a Click To Chat feature to make it easy and allow to quickly open a chat without having to save the phone number in your address book first.

Imagine being able to easily connect on WhatsApp within seconds, without having to create a contact or exchange phone numbers.

Now you can. Simply write your link inside your BLK card and keep it in your wallet. When you need to start chatting on Whatsapp with someone new you meet in real life, get them to touch your BLK card with their phone and the link to your whatsapp will open instantly and automatically in just one tap.

Create your Whatsapp Click To Chat link

The format is<number>  where the <number> is your full phone number, in the international format, meaning [country code][number].

When you put your country code, do not add the + or 00 just put the country code. For example Hong Kong is 852, France is 33, UK is 44, US and Canada are 1 etc... also, do not use any special characters such as - or ( ) or spaces. Just put the country code followed by the number.

Suppose your phone number is +1 (876) 543-210 then simply create a link


Don't use:

Musicians, DJs

As a musician, you often meet people at parties, concerts, bars, events... and when you want to show them your work, you usually show them your youtube or website or instagram etc....on your own phone. You may even listen to one of your songs on Spotify or Soundcloud. But you want to share it with them too, without having to share numbers, or adding them to your contacts, or having to spell out your usernames etc... You just want to share your links with them easily.

Next time, simply use your BLK card.

Photographers, Artists

Artists often meet people at parties or in bars or events. "So what do you do?" is a common question. "I am a photographer" you say. and it is often followed by "Cool! Can I see your work?". So you show them your website or your instagram on your own phone. But you want to share it with them too, without having to add them to your contacts or become best buddies. You just want to share your links with them. That is where BLK cards come to the rescue.


As an actor, you go to castings and you give your resume to many people. But what you really want them to see is your showreel or a link to your IMDb. All of which can be a bit of a hassle when you don't know the contact details of the person you are meeting in real life.

Next time you meet someone and want to share your showreel, just get them to tap their phone on your BLK card and your youtube video link will open automatically on their phone.

No link to share, no phone numbers to exchange, no email to ask, and no apps needed.


If you have a profile or a bio on any of the popular sites such as linktree, then simply put the link to your profile in your BLK card, so you can share it instantly in real life. The same works for LinkedIn and any other link you want to share when you meet people in a business context. Maybe impress them a bit too ;)

Take your elegant customised BLK card out of your wallet and get them to tap it with their phone. Your link will open instantly.

The sky is the limit!

There are many ways to use your NFC card for business, social, private or public things. Get a BLK card today and get inspired. Make it your own!