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ECO2 Card: The World's First Carbon Offset NFC Business Card (customized with your name or logo)

An eco-friendly NFC business card that also reforests the planet. The ECO2 card is a unique product that combines a contactless NFC business card with a meaningful environmental impact. It's a perfect gift for eco and sustainability-minded friends and family, and a unique corporate giveaway.

The ECO2 card has 2 sides:

  • One side is a customized NFC business card with your name or logo engraved. NFC business cards are changing the way people connect and share digital information with new people they meet in real life. You can directly write and rewrite ANY link you want inside your card (vCard, Whatsapp, Website, Linktree page, Youtube videos, Social Media profiles...anything) using our free mobile App “BLK CARDS”, available on all App stores (iOS & Android).
  • The other side showcases the tree you planted, complete with a unique tree code and QR code for satellite geolocation. Discover all the details about the planter, the forest the tree belongs to, and the foundation or NGO who plants it. The tree can even be named if you want. We partner with EcoMatcher, a Certified B Corporation leader in global tree planting through vetted foundations and NGOs. Our trees for the ECO2 card are planted in Ecuador by Pro Amazonia, a program for forest conservation and sustainable production, and an initiative of the United Nations.

By using this smart and sustainable NFC Business Card, you not only make a memorable first impression but also spark meaningful conversations about your contribution to the planet. A sure way to elevate your networking game and stand out while pitching, selling and socializing.

Let's save the planet one card at a time. Order your ECO2 card now and make a positive impact today!

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Standard credit card size (85mm x 55mm)

NFC type: ntag216 with 984byte capacity by NXP

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