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Your brand can use BLK CARDS very efficiently for marketing purposes. You put your brand and your latest products campaign (video, social media, new store location, or a link to any URLs) directly in the hands of your customers in the form of an NFC digital business card.

Your customers receive a nice gift that they can reuse for their own benefit after. In fact, they will not only reuse the BLK card with their own links to efficiently share their digital life when meeting new people in person, but they will also constantly carry your brand in their wallet and show it anytime they share anything using their NFC digital business card with your brand on it.

Corporates can also give their traditional business cards a tech makeover by providing their employees with NFC digital business cards, and give them a tool to stand out and make a memorable first impression while pitching, selling, and representing the company at events and social gatherings.

BLK CARDS NFC Digital Business Cards and Free Mobile App

Put your brand into their hands

Simply by its nature, BLK cards are carried in a wallet as customers use them daily to share their digital life in real life whenever they meet new people (WhatsApp, social media, podcasts, videos, channels, playlists, songs, albums, NTFs, LinkedIn, Linktree, etc...any URLs starting with http:// or https://).

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NFC on demand with BLK CARDS

Your brand is seen when they share a link

Having given such a useful and popular present to your customers will not only reinforce their appreciation of your brand but also empower your marketing reach and brand awareness each and every single time they use the branded BLK card to share a link with someone in real life.

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