Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a BLK card?

BLK CARDS are black NFC business cards with NFC "on demand" that allow you to directly write and rewrite any URL you want inside your card and use it as you wish, depending on the situation or what you need to share, when you meet new people in real life (business, social, private, public...up to you).

What is NFC?

If you have ever paid at a store by touching a device with your smartphone or your credit card, or used a transport card, or even bought a Nintendo Amiibo card, then you have already been using NFC.

NFC is a technology for proximity interaction, and is being used everywhere nowadays. It allows to exchange information or connect by simply approaching a smartphone to another device, or an NFC card. NFC cards are easily programmable, and by easily, we mean very easily and within seconds (see how here). You can put a link to any URLs inside them (social media, Youtube video or channel, Spotify song or playlist, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and much more) and the link will open on any NFC enabled phones and tablets on both Android and Apple iOS.

How does it work?

You can write any URLs you want inside your BLK card using a free mobile App. (See How it works page). Then you can share that link with anyone you meet in real life by simply getting them to touch your BLK card with their NFC-enabled phone. Your link will open instantly.

What are compatible phones?

NFC is widely supported by all phone manufacturers. You can see a comprehensive list of all the NFC enabled handsets available around the world HERE

How do I add my logo design?

Yes you can select the customised card product (HERE) and add your logo design which will be printed (or engraved depending on the model) on our black BLK cards. Make sure you attach a file that can be used for printing, has only 1 colour (any), is on a transparent background, and ideally is a vector. However, for all logo deisgns, after we recieve your order, our team of designers will review your logo and prepare a mockup file first. They will send you an email to discuss.

How do I add my name to print on the card?

Yes you can select the customised card product (HERE) and add your name which will be printed in black on black or gold on black on our black matte BLK cards. 

What is the processing time?

The processing time for customized cards varies depending on the type of card and type of customization required. We typically process customized designs within 7-10 working days (we operate Mon-Fri. See operating hours further below). During peak periods, processing time may take up to 15 days but you will be notified if a delay happens. If you wish us to prioritize your order for whatever reason, you can always email us at after your receive your order confirmation email, and ask for a faster processing. We cannot promise miracles, but we'll do our best to prioritize the customization of your card.

What is the shipping time?

After your cards are ready, they first get tested and then packed the same day, before being scheduled for the next shipping day. We ship every afternoon of every working day, Mon-Fri. Shipping time depends on the destination country and is outside of our control. We always try to use the fastest shipping option offered by the postal services for your destination. As a reference, typical shipping time experienced over the past year between Hong Kong and the US has been 7-9 business days.

What colours are the cards?

The clue is in the name BLK CARDS. "You can have it in any colour you want as long as it is black" - Henry Ford. We have various customisation options to add your brand, logo or name on the cards, but the BLK cards will always be black matte cards.

Can I write ANY link inside the BLK card?

In theory, you can write a lot of things inside of an NFC card, not just links. But in practice, because Apple followed the NFC initiative after Android, not everything opens instantly on all phones (especially iPhones). So links (URLs) are the only thing that opens instantly on both Android phones and iPhones without the need for the person to own any special App. If it starts with http:// or https:// then you are good to go. What link you choose to write on your BLK card is entirely up to you though.

How do I write a link inside the BLK card?

To write a URL inside your BLK card you need to use a free mobile App. Download our free mobile App "BLK CARDS" It's an NFC writer APP (See Download page). We also made video tutorials that take you screen by screen through the process of writing links to any URLs onto your NFC card (See Tutorials page). Once you get the hang of it, you will see that writing on NFC cards only takes seconds. 

What if the person's phone does not have NFC?

To share your link with someone, they need to approach their NFC-enabled phone to your BLK card and the link will open instantly. If you meet people who have an old phone, or do not have an NFC-enabled phone, or simply do not know how to turn it on, then you can simply show them a QR code to scan instead inside the BLK CARDS mobile App. You link will open automatically too. ( see QR Code Tutorial video) 

Can I order cards in bulk with my brand design?

Yes. Many brands order large quantities of BLK cards designed with their logo to promote their latest products and place their brand into their customer's hands. See our Brands & Partnership page for details on how to order BLK cards in bulk (MOQ 100).

Do I need to signup to anything?

No. There is no signup process, no account to setup. Unlike other digital business cards that are linked to an account, we simply give you an empty NFC card inside of which you can write links to any URLs you want and use as you wish.

Do you keep my data?

No. We can't keep what we don't have. Unlike other digital business cards out there, we require no signup, no account, no data, nothing. We simply give you an empty NFC card inside of which you can write links to any URLs you want and use as you wish.

Where can I buy a BLK card?

Simply visit our shop below, pick and choose the card you want, and order from the store. We ship iworldwide, except in countries restricted in accordance with our Postal Services policies due to war or civil conflicts.

What are your operating hours?

We are operating Monday to Friday from 07:00-20:00 on HKT timezone (GMT+8), excluding national and international public holidays. Note that Email enquiries are monitored 24/7 and if anything needs urgent attention, it can be dealt with outside of business hours.