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NFC Business Cards - Black Metal - DELUXE

The DELUXE model is a classy black metal stainless steel NFC contactless digital business card.

Stand out and make a memorable first impression while pitching, selling and socializing. NFC business cards are changing the way people connect and share digital information with new people they meet in real life. Unlike other digital business cards, you don't need to signup to anything or create any profile. You can directly write and rewrite ANY link you want inside your card.

All cards contain the NXP ntag216 NFC chip, which allows you to write very long links and vCard contact info. You can manage your card easily with the free mobile App "BLK CARDS" for Android and iOS.

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Standard credit card size (85mm x 55mm)

NFC type: ntag216 with 984byte capacity by NXP

Install the FREE App

Install our free mobile App for Android and iOS and create a list of links. When you meet new people in person, you can pick and choose what to share depending on the context (business, social, private, public...).