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Our FREE mobile App "BLK CARDS" (for iOS & Android) is available on all App stores. Install it from Apple App store, Google PlayHuawei AppGallery, and Samsung Galaxy Store. Manage your NFC digital business card and write any URLs you want (see Tutorials).

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Download the free mobile App BLK CARDS - NFC Writer for Android from Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, and Samsung Galaxy Store

For iOS

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Our free NFC App BLK CARDS is also available for iphones and can be dowloaded from the Apple App Store.

Share your digital information in just one tap!

With the BLK CARDS mobile App, you'll be able to create a list with your Contact vCard and any URLs you want such as your Website, Whatsapp, Linktree, Linkpop, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Soundcloud, Spotify, Opensea NFT etc..

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Simple & Intuitive


Simple and intuitive, the BLK CARDS App allows you in less than 10 seconds to create and write the URL of your choice on your NFC card (compatible with all the most popular NFC chips ntag213, ntag215, ntag216 and more).

Unique Features

The App has a unique feature called NFC on Demand, It's the first of its kind on the market and it's free, try it out.

You can create a List of all your favourite URLs and then share them in an instant when you meet someone in real life, depending on the situation, and what you need to share (business, social, private, public...up to you) and it will open automatically on their phone. No App needed on their side.