BLK CARDS is a leading provider of NFC business cards, a smart and sustainable technology replacement to traditional paper business cards, changing the way people connect, network, and share digital information when they meet new people in real life interactions, networking events, social events, and meetups.


Read more about NFC business cards, and why they are the ideal eco-friendly choice for eco-conscious startups, individuals and brands.

Compare NFC Business Cards Vs. Paper Business Cards

What Are NFC Business Cards

How To Make Your Own NFC Business Card

BLK CARDS is an innovative product by Melting Pot Ltd., a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong, and a member of the NFC Forum. 

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How NFC business cards work?

Simple. You Install our free mobile App (Android and iOS) to easily manage your NFC cards and create an unlimited list of links that represent your digital life (for example your websites, portfolios, WhatsApp, contact vcard, social media, podcasts, videos, channels, playlists, songs, albums, NTFs, LinkedIn etc...). You can then pick and choose what digital information you want to share with new people you meet in person.

It's fast, efficient and contactless. They just touch your NFC business card with their NFC-enabled smartphone. Your link will open instantly and automatically on their smartphone. You can now share any URL, in just one tap of your NFC business card.