Adding a Logo - Important considerations

We can add your logo on your BLK cards, but there are some important considerations before uploading your logo file on the product page. Our designers review the logo file on each customised BLK card order and will contact you directly to make sure the logo is ok.

Here are a few rules of thumb to follow when uploading your logo file.

One colour only

The logos are laser engraved on black cards therefore we cannot use multi colour logos. Make sure you send us a logo that is in 1 colour only.

Transparent background

To print quality logos we must have a logo on transparent background, we will convert it into vector first.

Good resolution

We cannot print quality designs from small files or low quality jpg, so make sure you send us a logo of good resolution and in a format we can work with .png, .ai, .svg etc...

Avoid tiny details

Because of the intricate logo printing process, we are not able to print tiny details, as we cannot cut them out precisely. So if your logo has too many small details and tiny lines, we might not be able to print it. Our designer team will be in touch with you after your upload to let you know if your logo is ok or not.

Special fonts

If you are using any special fonts, please make sure to let us know the font name in the comment area so we know what font you are using.