Pry Shield

RFID & NFC Blocking Card

Did you know? Credit cards, debit & ATM cards, passports, driver's licenses & other RFID-enabled contactless Smart Cards data can be stolen using a special low cost radio scanner without the cards being physically touched or removed from your pocket, wallet purse or carry bag.

Pry Shield is a simple card that you keep in your wallet or purse to protect your cards from data thieves, who can skim or steal data from your cards (or charge money to them) within seconds without you even noticing.

RFID & NFC Blocking card

Pry Shield uses 13.56MHz frequency RFID signal blocking technology that blocks the signal at about 2.4in/6cm radius. The electromagnetic shield blocks signals from high-tech pickpockets and protects your cards from the most common contactless RFID skimming methods used by thieves.

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Slim & Compact

The Pry Shield card is an RFID blocking card that looks like any other credit or debit card, and doesn't need any charging or anything. It perfectly slips into the card slot of any wallet or purse. You wouldn’t even know it’s there, but it will protect your other cards by blocking RFID signal from data thieves.

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Protect yourself from data theft

Thieves are now more high-tech than ever. A simple device can steal data from your cards without you even noticing. Cases of people getting charged money on their credit cards in nightclubs or crowded areas are frequently reported to the police. The malicious person simply scans the cards in your poccket and then charges the credit or debit cards for things you never bought. The PryShield card blocks the signals and protects your cards from common contactless RFID skimming.